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Solutions: Industrial Automation

Robotics Welding
  • Robotics integration and automation are two sides of the same coin. As a System Integrator for almost all the major robot manufacturers, we at Poppys Automation supports you to plan your complete Welding & Cutting Automation requirements.
  • Robotic cells and lines for MIG and TIG welding
  • Custom designed welding positioners
  • Robotic and Manual welding fixtures
  • Experience with touch sensing and through-arc-seam-tracking to achieve consistent weld seams
  • Depth Experience in thin sheet and structural plate welding, Transformer tanks, Light Poles, Scaffolding, Form works, Laser Cutting & Welding, Metal Cladding, Cobot Welders etc..
Conveyors and matirial
Conveyors and Material Handling
Robotics Palletizing Solution
  • Palletizer machines have become an essential part of automation, replacing human error and injury in manufacturing with efficiency and speed. In addition to such benefits, palletizers can handle environments that would otherwise be injurious to workers.
  • Instead of requiring the hire of more laborers to do this work, many companies have adopted palletizers into their workplace environments in order to get the job done more quickly, effectively and safely.
  • We do Robotics Palletizers, Gantry Palletizers, Low Level Palletizers, High Level Palletizers with its Check weigher, online Stretch Wrapping, Metal detection and Printing solutions.
Robotics Machine Tending Applications
  • As a System Integrator for almost all the major robot manufacturers, we at Poppys Automation supports you to plan your complete Machine Tending requirements.
  • Wework with emerging technologies such as Mobile Machine tending, 2D/3D vision, AGVs, Cobots, Intelligent production systems (IOT) and many more
Warehouse Automation
  • Our AGVs use magnetic strips, cameras, or sensors to navigate through the layout of the warehouse. AGVs are best suited to large, simple warehouse environments that transport materials directly to production lines.
  • We do Sortation system solution, which is the process of identifying items on a conveyor system and diverting them to a warehouse location using radio-frequency identification (RFID), barcode scanners and sensors. 

Starting small with few digital manufacturing use cases will help manufacturers to get experience,
to embrace proof of value and to accelerate digital transformation. Following are the must have uses
cases for any manufacturer should start with in the shop floor digital transformation.

    To measure, analyse and improve the availability, performance, and quality of a manufacturing process

    To measure and analyse the critical equipment performance and health parameters for process traceability and maintenance predictability

    To automate machine alerts for proactive maintenance, intelligent root cause analysis and corrective action & preventive actions

    To measure, analyse, and optimize electrical energy consumption and correlation of energy and production data for cost savings
Poppys Automation

Industrial Robotics Automation

We offer state of the art automated solutions to ease the process of manufacturing using  all reputed robot manufacturer.

Our services includes
Layout Concept
Layout Concept
Optimum Space Utilization Mixed/Batch/Multi Model

Process Design
Process Design
Process Selection & Development Parameter Definition

Process Engineering

Cycle Time Estimation
Cycle Time Estimation
Manual Loading Time, Process Time Equipment Time, Ideal Time, Efficiency
Tooling Selection
Tooling Selection
Robots, Jigs End of Arm Tooling, Peripheral Devices

Control Engineering
Control Engineering
Communication Protocols, Control Elements, Safety Devices Remote Diagnostic
Material Transfer
Material Transfer
Skids Lift Can Carry Robotic
Conveyors AAGVS

Scheduling & Management
Scheduling & Management
Project Time Line, Material Souring Time line, Project Management
machanical design

Mechanical Design

We design, manufacture and supply robotic and manual fixtures and grippers for following applications

We provide complete automation cell along with fixtures (electro-pneumatic, servo), positioners, turntables, electrical interface panel (with and without PLC), safety equipments, pedestals, cable ducts and robots


Control Engineering


Robotic Application Simulation


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